The simplest way to help you efficiently navigate the New York City subway system.

Spot the Efficient Passenger Project sticker on the turnstiles in select subway stations.

First Installation: L Train, Brooklyn & Manhattan

More train lines in planning stages, proportional to demand.

*This project is not in any way approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Any likeness to MTA licenses is purely coincidental. This is an independent project aimed at facilitating a faster, more enjoyable commute. Please ride responsibly.

If making a transfer to your destination, walk down the platform until you notice the relevant plaque to assist in your trip.

Board train at the doors that open in front of the E.P.P. sign. If train is over capacity in that location, find a safe and accommodating spot near the plaque elsewhere.

When the doors open at your transfer station, you’ll be in the optimal location to switch trains. Put a smile on and enjoy your day.





Notice a removed or damaged sign? Let us know.